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Movie Review – Piku

Since the movie has released, I have seen the social media going crazy gushing over Piku… I wondered, could the movie really be worth the hype, love & admiration? So I decided to catch it myself & watched the movie last night… and what is my verdict? I loved it!

In a time where almost all movies are portraying stories, scenes & characters that are almost always over-the-top & larger-than-life, Piku is refreshingly down-to-earth & honest. Yes, a large part of the movie is focused on constipation & the bowel movements, but after the initial shock you will not mind it at all.

My thoughts:

Piku Review Piku Review Piku Review Piku Review Piku Review Piku ReviewWhat Would Have made me Love the Movie More?

  • A little more of the love story angle between Deepika & Irrfan’s characters… Felt it was less & left me wanting more :(
  • Not sure what was the point of introducing Irrfan’s family in the picture & not completing their story. Their story could have been left out completely. Or if they did want to bring them in the picture, the film makers could have done a little more with them.



  • Looooove Movie Reviews
  • Fairly Enjoyable
  • Just About Tolerable
  • AVOID!!!
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