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Top 5 Bollywood Bad Boys We Love To Hate

Act 1 Scene 1: Empty alleyway, a couple of goons are running after a girl who is demurely dressed in an all-white salwar kameez. The menacing looking, 100 kg+ gundas almost catch the girl who is running for her life/izzat. She stumbles. She falls & is now surrounded by the lecherous + murderous goons.

Act 1 Scene 2: Slowly, we can hear the sound of a bike coming. The badass bike is being ridden by a mysterious-looking man wearing a worn out yet stylish leather jacket. He has a helmet on because of which we cannot see his face. However, when he sees what’s happening, he stop his bike & ever so slowly removes his helmet. We can see his face, the hero/saviour of the movie & this poor girl… & it turns out to be, wait for it – Mimoh! Phuuusssssssssssss :(
<p”>I can imagine your frustration at this point… Mimoh? Really? Not Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar or even John Abraham? I understand your frustration, if it was me I would be ready to leave the theatre too.

However, today is not a day we discuss cliched movie scenes & worthy heroes. Today is a day we discuss the “Bad Boys” (literally) of Bollywood we will not be talking about any of the heroes mentioned above. So here we go:

  1. This list of the “Bad Boys of Bollywood” is topped by none other than Uday Chopra, yes no surprises there. Uday Chopra who is single-handedly responsible for making the otherwise respected Chopra name a joke.
    Fact 1: Believe it or not, he has acted in 11 movies! (Source IMDB)
    Fact 2: That is 11 movies more than he deserved.
    Uday Chopra ReviewSome of his gems are Supari, Pyaar Impossible & the best of all Neal & Nikki. Uday, boy you so bad you good.
  2. I have tried, but in all sincerity, I have not found one movie where Fardeen Khan has acted well & where the public can go like wow, not bad.
    Fact 1: His dialogue delivery – An automated voice responder can emote better.
    Fardeen Khan ReviewSome of his gems are Jai Veeru, Jungle, Janasheen & the best of them all his debut movie, Prem Aggan. You have to watch Prem Aggan to believe it, hardly a handful of movies that can top this awesomeness. He deservedly becomes the No.2 Bad Boy of Bollywood.
  3. Adhyayan Suman – Son of Shekhar Suman, who is like that one creepy uncle who refuses to age gracefully.
    Adhyayan Suman review Adhyayan Suman moviesHe has acted in movies like Haal-e-Dil & Heartless.
    A few titbits about Heartless – Story, Lyrics & Directed by Shekhar Sumar | Produced & Costume by Alka Suman | Starring Shekhar & Adhyayan Suman | One song with the title “Thanks Brother” featuring Shekhar & Adhyayan Suman sung by Shekhar & Adhyayan Suman. Go figure.
  4. A compilation of Bollywood kids gone wrong & not feature Mimoh? Ho hi nahi sakta! I may not be the biggest fan Mithun has on planet earth but I can see/understand why he has run for so long & what people like about him. However, the same cannot be said for his home production Mimoh
    Fact 1: Real name – Mahakshay Chakraborty
    Fact 2: According to Mithun, Mimoh’s sex appeal lies in… his sincerity. Nuff said
    Mimoh memeSome of his gems are Enemmy (no typo on my part, it is spelt like that), Jimmy & oh please don’t miss this – Haunted 3D where a spirit (aatma) rapes the heroine… repeatedly! Can anything top that?
  5. Finally, I would like to include a ‘special’ individual in this list, even though he is not from a filmy background – Rahul baba I just couldn’t not put you in! What with the millions of Rahul memes entertaining the Indian public, he has every right to be in this ‘Bad Boys’ list ;p
    Rahul Gandhi Congress Rahul Gandhi meme Rahul Gandhi memeThat is my list of the usual suspects – I know, I know… you guys must be going crazy like where is Tusshar Kapoor, Jackie Bhagnani, Bobby Deol, Abhishek Bhachan, Sanjay Kapoor etc? Trust me, they are not great either. However, Tusshar, Jackie, Abhishek etc are just moderately bad & therefore boring. If you wanna be bad in Bollywood, go all out & downright suck right? Whatsay Uday?
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