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My Top 5 English TV Series (Upto 2015)

Whatever your race, colour, country or language – I think it’s a given that one or the other American TV series have touched your lives in some way. The British took over the world by colonizing it, the Americans are doing it with their entertainment industry.

Having watched a LOT of TV series, I’m giving you my thoughts, ratings & opinions on a few of them today. If you’ve not watched them, you can see my ratings below & decide on what you want to watch. I’ve done the dirty work for you so that you can pick & choose from the best!

Before we start with the list, let us talk about the all-time extraordinary English TV series Sherlock. I’ve not included it in the list below because c’mon, there is nothing comparable to the sheer brilliance of this hit BBC series. Giving the audience only 10 episodes in it’s three seasons from 2010, Sherlock takes its time to come on the screen but when it does, its wow! Take a bow team Sherlock.

Watch it for (i) Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock & (ii) the amazing plots that will surely have you doing a double take.

1 Sherlock 2 SherlockNow that’s out of the way, here’s the list!

TV Series I Loooooove

1. Criminal Minds – I’m starting with Criminal Minds because to me this series is like a warm security blanket. I know beforehand that in every episode there will be a murder, the team will investigate & the killer will be caught, but they still manage to make the series enjoyable and come up with new stories & new psychos every time. Some might think I’m crazy for starting my top 5 list with Criminal Minds, but I do love it so here it is!

Watch it for the team, every actor is superb in their role, especially love Aaron Hotchner & Dr. Spencer Reid!

Criminal Minds Meme Criminal Minds Meme2. Game of Thrones in a nutshell = Killing off all major characters just when you start liking them + some amazing characters + lots of nude scenes + lots of people who look like they don’t take a bath + fight over some throne (although I doubt any viewer cares which throne or who wins).
However, if you are a follower, Game of Thrones will somehow become the most important part of your life whenever the season is on. The fandom could be called ‘Throners’, but in reality, the better word would be ‘Fanatics’.

Watch it for Peter Dinklage playing Tyrion Lannister, my favourite character of all time!

Game of Thrones MemeGame of Thrones Meme3. Revenge – Revenge is one series which has an extremely well thought out & intricate storyline. The first three seasons are especially good, guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat. I thought the quality dipped ever so slightly in the fourth season. However, it still comes highly recommend by me, watch it… you’ll not regret it.

Watch it for the crazy & brilliant story with its jaw dropping twists & turns.

1 Revenge 2 Revenge4. Suits – Superb plot, superb characters, superb actors, that’s what Suits is. And of course Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter… oh so cool, stylish, self-assured & sexy. A big reason why I love Suits so much :)

Watch it for Harvey Specter, Harvey Specter & more Harvey Specter! Just love him :)

Suits TV Series Meme Suits TV Series Meme5. 24 – Show me one person who does not love Jack Bauer after watching 24. I doubt there are any! Through its 8 seasons, Jack Bauer has continued to save America & the world in just 24 hours & we’ve loved every second of it!

Watch it for the novel approach to storytelling… all episodes are shown as occurring in real time & that makes the series all the more engaging.

24 TV Series Meme 24 TV Series MemeTV Series I Immensely Enjoy

1. The Vampire Diaries – This one might be a little juvenile for some people, but I enjoy it nonetheless.
Fact: It is 3:30 pm on 16th May, 2015… I’m writing this post & just opened Google to get some info on The Vampire Diaries. What happens? I get the news that the Elena will no longer be there in The Vampire Diaries from season 7! OMG! I was definitely not expecting this & can’t even fathom the series without her… Phew! Got more than what I bargained for out here :(

Watch it for sexy Damon Salvatore, I do ;)

The Vampire Diaries Meme The Vampire Diaries Meme The Vampire Diaries Meme2. Dexter – Move over all wannabe vigilantes, Dexter is here. A series about a serial killer who justifies his murder addiction by choosing to kill only those he feels are a menace to society. Agreed, it’s kinda weird, but it’s well-made & compelling & thus on my list today.

Watch it for the insight it gives us in to the mind of a serial killer… or at least that’s what they make us believe.

Dexter Meme Dexter Meme3. The Mentalist – Sexy & psychic Patrick Jane is helps the FBI solve crimes all the while looking for his family’s killer, that’s pretty much the storyline of The Mentalist in a nutshell. However, the episodes are well written & Simon Baker is always entertaining as Patrick. Similar to Criminal Minds, this is one of the series that is like comfort food to me. You know what you’re getting and you love it every time.

Watch it for Patrick Jane & his novel way of solving crimes :)

The Mentalist MemeThe Mentalist Meme4. Supernatural – Before there was Damon & Stefan Salvatore, there was Sam & Dean Winchester. Two brothers who go about ‘killing’ ghosts & demons of all kinds. Super entertaining & fun just for the sheer number of ghosts & demons they come up with for every episode. Must be tiring for the research & idea team to come up with a new ghost every week… phew!

Watch it for the new & innovative ghosts & demons that are introduced to us every week!

Supernatural Meme Supernatural Meme5. Castle – The casting for Castle is spot on, one of the best on TV. I think that is one of the reasons why we all love Castle so much. It might not be a series that might incite religion-level devotion in people, but nevertheless, we all have a soft spot for it in our hearts. A big shout out to Nathan Fillion for making Castle so entertaining.

Watch it for Nathan Fillion, he is so good that you will start believing he is actually Castle.

Castle Meme Castle MemeTV Series That Are Just Not For Me

Okay, these series listed below have die-hard fans who are devoted to every move the characters make. However, they just did not work for me. For the life of me, I cannot understand why people are crazy about them… Is it me or do these series suck?

1. Hannibal (Didn’t see the point & gave up after 5 episodes)
2. Mad Men (Watched the first 6 episodes, didn’t continue after that)
3. Breaking Bad (Watched first season only)
4. Orange is the New Black (Watched first season only)
5. Once Upon a Time (Watched first season only)

Those are my top 5 hits & missed. What are your thoughts? Do let me know!

Disclaimer: Before you point out, I’ll tell you myself why I’m not including the all-time favourites like Friends, Modern Family, Seinfeld, The Office, The Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother in the list. It’s because I think those belong to a different category altogether. These are series where we can pick any episode & watch it any time of the day without needing a background story or character explanation, they’ll surely brighten our day :)

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