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Top 5 Public Figures India Will Never Forget

I’ve been wanting for do this post for quite some time… because every time I switch on the TV, one of the following people seem to be there on one channel or the other :( They are celebrities sure, but as you read further, in their case, there might be more haters than fans.

Disclaimer – No ground-breaking information here. Stereotypes are going to be reinforced! :P

  1. Arnab Goswami – Love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him. He is there, ready to beat us down with his high volume debates every night at 9 pm.
    Fact: Outlook ran a cover story titled ‘The Man Who Killed TV News’ with the following quote, “Newshour is where Arnab plays judge, the audience the jury”, adding that “On key news events, Arnab has emerged as The Great Polariser, his acid tongue stripping complex issues of all nuance”. Need I say more?
    Arnab 3Arnab Goswami Meme - Indian Celebrities Arnab 1
  2. ACP Pradyuman – I know ACP Pradyuman is not a real person & just a character on TV. However, after 18 years (woah!) of the show running on Sony, I think he has become a real person to India. Show me one person who cannot imitate his three finger case solving action!
    Fact: Bad make-up & overacting is not an exception in CID, it’s the norm :|ACP Pradyuman Meme - Indian Celebrities ACP Pradyuman Meme - Indian Celebrities
  3. Laloo Prasad Yadav – Without a doubt, one of the most colourful, shrewd, controversial & cute politicians we have!
    Fact 1: Laloo is one badass guy, who, when he was caught for the Fodder Scam, appointed his wife as the Chief Minister of Bihar! Ballsy move & one that could have been pulled off only by him.
    Fact 2: He has 9 children with his wife Rabri Devi! Horny much?
    Fact 3: During his tenure as Chief Minister, Bihar’s law and order was at lowest, kidnapping was on rise and private armies mushroomed. (Source)
    Laloo Meme - Indian Celebrities Laloo Meme - Indian Celebrities
  4. Alok Nath – Alok Nath has been in the TV & movie industry since 1980. However, is was not until around 2013 that he suddenly rose to unparalleled famed after he became the joke of the nation for being so ‘sanskaari’. The internet is full of his memes on sanskaar & aashirwaad.
    Fact: Alok Nath was born in 1956 & started working in 1980 when he was 24. At 24, he debuted as ‘Babuji’! 24 ya’all! Makes you think… are the memes right?
    Alok Nath Meme - Indian CelebritiesAlok Nath Meme - Indian Celebrities Alok Nath Meme - Indian Celebrities
  5. Rahul Baba – Yet again, I am mentioning him in my blog but poor Rahul Baba, he can do no right in the eyes of the public :( Till 2-3 years back, Rahul was just seen as the good looking but silent son of Rajiv Gandhi. A lot of girls (me included) thought that having him as a Prime Minister would be cool. However, all that changed once he opened his mouth to talk. India really saw Rahul Gandhi for what he is – a person with an extremely low IQ who really shouldn’t be handling any of the public’s affairs. Rehne do baba, tum se nah ho payega…
    Fact 1: 44 & still single
    Fact 2: Due to security concerns, Rahul Gandhi constantly had to shift schools in his youth. That answers a lot of questions. See kids? School is important. Stay in school!
    Rahul Gandhi Meme - Indian Celebrities Rahul Gandhi Meme - Indian Celebrities

Well, there they are, my top 5. People who India may want to forget sometimes, but can’t. However, whatever said & done, at the end of the day I cannot imagine an India without them. Abba said ‘Thank you for the music’, I’ll say ‘Thank you for the entertainment’. Over & Out.

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