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Main Tere Bache Ki…..Bollywood Trends Then & Now

Who can forget iconic dialogues like “Main Tere Bache Ki Maa Banne Waali Hoon”.

Through the ages Bollywood movies have always survived on tried & tested formulas. Every decade has had some common trends running through all it’s movies. We have seen it repeated a thousand times – The poor, old, helpless (sometimes blind) mother working hard to provide for her only son, brothers getting separated in the Kumbh Mela, heroes fighting against evil ‘zamindars’ of their village, we’ve seen it all.

While all the trends of the previous decades might not have been all good, what we’re seeing right now in the 2010s might be the worst of the lot. Let’s take a look at what is being doled out to us in almost every movie nowadays & you decide whether you like these trends or not:

1. Items Songs & the Commoditization of Women

“Kundi Mat Kharkao Raja, Seedha Andar Aao Raja”, “Mera Naam Mary, Mery Sau Taka Teri Hai”, “Laila Teri Le Legi Tu Likh Ke Le Le” – What do all these songs have in common? An actress as the lead gyrating to the lustful lyrics with hundreds of side dancers swinging, thumping & swaying.

Bollywood Item Song - ChitrangadaThe camera zooming in to the various areas of the actress’s body (read chest, waist & hips) as she desperately tries to act seductive & tries to look like she is about to have an orgasm right there on the screen.

Bollywood Item Song - Sunny LeoneSure, many of these songs have become super-duper hits but does that require each & every movie to have an “item song” sequence? Do “Item songs” ensure that the movie becomes a big hit? No. So why is the audience being stuffed with these obscene songs? Waiting desperately for this trend to die down :(

2. Lead Actors & Actresses Singing Their Own Songs

“We don’t have unsung heroes anymore. Every hero has sung a song in some film.” – Tweet by Shirish Kunder (who is hilarious on Twitter & you should follow him right now!).

So true isn’t it? Every Tom, Dick & Harry who has a strictly average voice & less-than-stellar singing talents has started singing their own songs in their movies. Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Shraddsha Kapoor, Hritik Roshan… they are not good singers. Why would you take them to sing a song? Aren’t movies already getting enough publicity through the endless promotions? Do you need this extra fluff to make your movies a hit?

Varun Dhawan SingingWe have super talented singers like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Dadlani, Sukhwinder Singh etc who can weave magic in to any song. A sincere request to directors all over the world – please get these great singers to sing your songs & not the actors starring in your movies… I’m guessing the cost is lesser & the final product is better!

Shraddha Kapoor SingingAlia Bhatt Singing(You might have noticed the most prominent name of all – Salman Khan – is missing from the list above. But you guys already know Salman is my fav & I’m a true-blue fan. So forgive me guys, but am not dissing him on the songs he’s sung :) )

3.    Is Bollywood Cloning Actresses?

Okay, just check out this scene – It is the first day of college and a rich girl is sitting alone in the college cafeteria in a short dress (her hair flying & all, you get the drift). Now tell me, will make a difference to you which actress is cast in the role? It could be Kriti Sanon, Athiya Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha, Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, anyone!

Bollywood Top Leading ActressesWill you miss a certain actress for the way she would have brought her unique individuality to the role? Nope!

The status of Bollywood right now is that all leading ladies, look, dress & act exactly the same way :( There is no uniqueness, no individuality & no distinctiveness. Unlike the previous eras where each actress had her own unique personality, way of dressing & dialogue delivery… the 2010s only has actresses that look, act & talk exactly alike.

I guess the there is a lot of pressure for the girls to look, dress & behave in a certain way. Standing out might mean professional suicide in a way… maybe. However, I think the industry needs to let the girls be – Just accept & celebrate their individuality. It might bring out a novel & actually ‘hatke’ cinema.

Well those are my thoughts on the current trends of Bollywood, do give me your thoughts… People are trying to come up with good movies I agree, but I also think that Bollywood will produce better results if these trends are thrown out of the window immediately!



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